Sogand (born In Isfahan) is a singer and songwriter who lives in Germany. She grew up in a musician family and introduced to the traditional Iranian music through her father. One of the remarkable capability of sogand is singing in both Farsi and German and in different genre like Rap, R&B, Jazz, Funk, Blues and Pop, which is result of her talent and musical experiences. She starts her music career with a German group called R&M at the age of 15 and no longer after that she formed the duo "Entegham" with Farinaz and become the first female Farsi rapper. After a while she separated from the duo and continue to her work as a successful female singer. During her career she worked with artists such as Sadegh, Hossein, Reza pishro, Behzad leito, Taham, Paya, Erfan and ... Through her music career she performed in several concerts in different countries such as UK, Germany, UAE, USA, Sweden and ... With cooperation of famous artists. After the success of the song " blite yek tarafe" with Siyavash as composer, she released a single track " the lom" with cooperation of M Joobi which has different style from her previous works. This cooperation leads to production of her first album " yadesh bekhair" in 1395 which contains 10 songs and most of them are in Funk, Electro style.